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In a message dated 4/14/2013 1:07:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, marc...@ulb.ac.be writes: NDE might helps people in stress situation, of after being wounded. Given the fact that humans seems to fight since a long time, that might convey some evolutionary role. This does not logically entail that

Apparently some NDE can at least help some people to realize that science has not yet decided if we are human beings capable of having from time to time some divine experiences, or if we are divine beings capable of having from time to time some terrestrial experiences.

That can help to doubt or attenuate certainties in the spiritual field, which are frequent, for diverse reasons.

Indeed, Dr. Marchal, perhaps it is merely some sort of stress, hallucination. This is why the AWARE study is import. Because developing telescopic sight, shouldn't occur to the subject who is injured. At least we'll find out of anything unusual gets reported. It might be interesting.

Yes. But to progress there, we must come back to rigor. many derive wrongly that because something is an hallucination, the content of the hallucination can be dismissed. But if that was the case, then comp would entail that we can dismiss the whole physical reality, which is non sense. Today, the basic of cognitive science are still based on the conjunction of materialism and computationalism, which makes it inconsistent.



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