On 19 Apr 2013, at 13:56, Craig Weinberg wrote:

Qualia are generated,

With comp the qualia are not generated. They are arithmetical truth seen from some point of view. They cannot even been defined, but it can be shown that they obeys to some laws (including the maws of not being definable).

but only by other qualia. By pointing out that qualia can have no possible function, I am clarifying that in a universe defined purely by function, that qualia cannot be possible.

This does not follow. Qualia might be epiphenomenal.
But this does not follow for another reason: qualia have a function/ role, although in the intensional (program related) sense, and not really in the usual extensional one (set of input-outputs). So it is preferable to refer to computation instead of function, which is an ambiguous term in computer science.

What this means is that the universe cannot be defined purely by function. It cannot be a motor, machine, computer, zombie, or set of all arithmetic truths.

This is vague. I can agree (in comp) and disagree (in comp).

If 'universe' denotes the big whole, by definition it has no input nor output, and so is equivalent with the unique function from nothing to nothing. The empty function = { }. So "universe" is already an intensional term, and should be handled with intensional tools, like computer science, modal logic, etc. Then assuming comp, we can explain how the physical universe appearance is given by internal modalities, some locally sharable (quanta), and some not locally sharable (qualia).



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