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> > Frank Tipler, before he became a convinced Christian,

You means before he went completely nuts. Today Tipler says we should look
for divine DNA on the Shroud of Turin and check for radiation around the
tomb of the Blessed Virgin Marry that was caused by an intense beam of
neutrinos that must have shot out of the bottom of her feet as she ascended
into heaven.

> has proposed exactly this "resurrection" as a a computer process, in the
> far future, and basically faced this ostracism, and still does,

I read his book "The Physics of Immortality" back in 1992 and at the time I
thought it was pretty good, but it has not stood the test of time. Tipler
made a number of predictions he said that if even one of his predictions
turned out to be wrong his entire theory was dead in the water so his
entire theory is dead in the water:

*Tippler predicted the universe was closed but we now know that not only is
it open but its accelerating.

*Tipler predicted that the Higgs boson must be at 220GEV +- 20  but we now
know its 125.3GEV +- .5  .

*Tipler predicted that the Hubble constant must be less than or equal to 45
but we now know its  67.8 +- .77 .

  John K Clark

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