On 5/29/2013 8:45 AM, John Mikes wrote:
Brent: after lots of back-and-forth you wrote:

/*"...I don't see the analogy. I don't think consciousness can be negative, or even that it can be measured by one dimension. "All-or-nothing" would be a function that is either 1 or 0. If you can be conscious of red and green, then I'd say you are more conscious than someone who is red/green colorblind (albeit by a tiny amount). In order to have beliefs about arithmetic _requires that you be conscious of numbers_ and _have a language _in which to express axioms and propositions. I doubt that simpler animals have this and so have different consciousness than humans. I don't venture to say less consciousness because I think of it as multi-dimensional and an animal may have some _other aspect of consciousness_ that we lack.
Brent "*/

Please consider my definition for that monster of a word (I deny to use): 
*_consciousness _*
NOT IDENTICAL to the noun referring to "being conscious (aware!) of" but a 
responding to relations.

Your write as though you strongly disagree with me, but I don't see the disagreement. I agree that consciousness is a process.

Human, animal, stone,idea, anything. The Totality (Everything) that
exists. Including Bruno's favorites (Loebianism, universal anything, numbers, etc.) and much
more. The infinite complexity we have no access to, only to a small segment.

I don't know what the significance of that is? We can only be conscious of a small finite part of everything...sure.

I cannot imagine a 'negative' of a process that either goes on, or not. (Maybe the reverse can be called so, but that would be the 'triggering of a response' - different from the response, not
a negative of it.)

Me neither. It was Bruno who implied that consciousness was analogous to a continuous function that was either >0 or not.

The *_'response'_* is richer than we could 'restrict' (again!) into dimensions 
of our

??  What 'response'?  Ours?

We may 'see' only some dimensions in the way how *WE ARE CONSCIOUS OF* it.

Are you saying we might see some dimensions in a way we are not conscious of? Certainly we're not conscious of a lot. Although "unconscious seeing" is kind of metaphorical, there is blind sight in which there is unconscious response to visual stimuli.

Colorblind, or not.

And your fragment:
/*"...animals have this and so have different consciousness..."*/
refers to a THING, the noumenon of "being conscious of".

So?  A process is a thing too.


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