In Defense of Penrose. That everybody --including materialists, empiricists and 
rationalists--is a Platonist  

Empiricism is the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from sense experience. 
Rationalism is the doctrine that reason alone is a  source of knowledge and is 
independent of experience.   
Materialism is a combination of both philosophies.

These may sound like completely diffierent doctrines, but my point here is that 
all of these pursuits ultimately rely on intuition. 
They  afre both subbranches of intjuitionism.

Why ? Concerning rationalism, even deductive logic requires intuition to arrive 
at a conclusilon.
Concering empiricism, it is fairly obvious to see that experience
alone cannot provide us any conclusion. If you dpoubt that,
consider Peirce's three categories, in which Secondness is
the category of intuion, leading us from an experience to a fact.

So Penrose's recent excursion into Platonism should be taken more seriously,
for ultimately his criticizers, the empiricists and the rationalists, are both 

Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 6/14/2013    
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