This note is addressed to all materialists, especially Prof. Dennett. Getting 
from "me" to "I"' 

Self-reference could be a subject/predicate relation. But that doesn't say 
enough because
there are two possible perspectives:

1) "He is a man." Here you are referencing yourself in the 3rd person or 
objective persepective. Bruno Marchall calls this "3p" .

2) "I am a man." This is 1st person. Marshall calls this "1p." 1p is the 
subjective form of self-reference.

Do you see the difference ? Materialism and computer language only gives us the 
objective (descriptive) or 3p format
because it does not contain a subjective element.

Leibniz gets around this problem by including a subjective element, which is
that which perceives the world through the top monad. This subjectrive
element is universal and isa what Plato called the One or Oversoul.

To include such a subjective element, you need to have a point in the
brain which is something like a king, that does all of the perceiving and
governing. He is not a simple homunculus, he makes sense of what the
visual signals in the optical nerves provides us with.

Am I making any sense to you materialists? Can you see the difference between
the "I" perspectiove (what i say above) and the  "me" of conventional 
materialistic theory ?

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