On 6/15/2013 12:40 AM, chris peck wrote:
Hi Rog

As you have described them a materialist could not be a "combination of both" rationalism and empiricism, because you have them as diametrically opposed. If "reason alone" is the source of knowledge, then experience isn't and can't be combined to be. Besides, Materialism is an ontological theory and doesn't give much of a hoot about how knowledge is aquired.

More to the point neither rationalism nor empiricism are branches of intuitionism. The moment of inspiration Penrose attributes to the mind connecting with a realm of ideas is neither an act of reason nor sensory experience. Moreover, If logic is to be "deductive" then, by definition, conclusions must never follow from unexplainable leaps of intuition.

Where does the persuasive power of logic come from? Why do you believe, "Either X or not-X" is true? Is it not a matter of intuition? Isn't logic just an attempt to formalize intuitive reasoning.


If they do they have not been logically deduced, have they? And infact that is Penrose's point : leaps of intuition can not be modelled computationally. logic, ofcourse, can be. since, allegedly, minds can grope for and master facts beyond the scope of deduction, they must be qualitatively different from computer programs which can only deduce things logically.

You really seem to have things back to front in this post.


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