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>>>I love Christopher Hitchens. I agree with many points. He is more an
>>> anticlerical than an atheist to me ...
>> >> Everybody called him an atheist.  He called himself an atheist.  I
>> think you just don't like the term.
> Forgivable though, don't you think?

No I do not, I think it's unforgivable to value a word more than the
concept it represents.

> IF you can handle the comp definition of atheism as a sibling public
> religion of the Jesus cult [...]

Then the meanings of words change according to your whim and logical
contradictions do not bother you.

> I mean - either you believe in Big Daddy, JC and Spooky or you do not.

I do not. Believing in God is stupid, believing in Big Daddy JC and Spooky
is the Power Set of stupid, 2 raised to the power of stupid.

> Let me clarify: there is organised ('public' or 3-p) religion

And now religion enters the pee pee realm! Well maybe you have a point, it
is all a bunch of shit.

> the only authentic definition of 'personal religion' is "what you
> believe".

As I said it's unforgivable to value a word more than the concept it

  John K Clark

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