On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 12:07:05PM -0700, meekerdb wrote:
> But it seems to me that this reset is a magical, impossible
> operation.  If the human brain is a classical computer then that
> means it's computational state can be reset. But it also means the
> its physical state can't be reset.  The resetting operation itself,
> being a classical operation, is irreversible because of decoherence
> into the environment.  So the environment has the information about
> the state leading up to the reset and the reset operation.  So when
> you say 'you' can find yourself on another branch, it's not clear
> what 'you' refers to.  Apparently it would have to refer to an
> abstract computation (per Bruno, I guess) that happened to go
> through the same state twice (due to the 'reset') in this world AND
> also at least once in some other world.  But if it went through that
> state in some other world, there was already FPI even without the
> reset.  Right?
> Brent

Just a small observation. Brent is arguing essential from what Bruno
would call the Aristotelian position, ie that there is a definite
environment containing the results of past decoherence that the
observer belongs to, even if the observer is now ignorant of that due
to memory erasure. Saibal is arguing from the COMP position, that
memory erasure is sufficient to reestablish the superposition - ie
that there is no such objective environment.

ISTM that Brent's position is widely held amongst QM practitioners
today, particularly the Austrian group, but that the alternative (many
minds, or perhaps COMP?) is equally as valid, at least as far as
empirical results go.

Part of the problem is that the language of the thought experiment
encourages the Aristotelian interpretation - we are describing the
situation from a mythical 3rd person POV, which implicitly supposes an
environment that the 3rd person observer is entangled with. If we were
to make the contorted effort to describe things entirely from the 1st
person observer's POV, the environment Brent is talking about vanishes
with the memory erasure.



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