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> it seems to me that John has just misunderstood Feyerabend.

It seems to me that  "the church at the time of Galileo was much more
faithful to reason than Galileo himself" leaves little room for
misunderstanding and is as clear as it is imbecilic. And I might add that
anyone who feels compelled to defend such a moronic statement is also a

> Unsuprising given his misunderstanding of Popper

Even Popper misunderstood Popper because he admitted (in 1978!) that he was
wrong about Darwin. That's almost as good as the church admitting (in the
year 2000!) that they may have gone just a bit too far in their treatment
of Galileo and maybe just maybe he had a point after all. There have been
calls for the church to reopen the case against the astronomer Giordano
Bruno and give hin a posthumous apology for burning him alive for saying
that the stars were other suns, but so far the church has not done so, but
give them time, it's only been 413 years.

> not to mention Darwin.

Please show me that your understanding of Darwin is greater than my own.
Dazzle me with your brilliance.

> From a Popperian point of view Galileo ought to be regarded as
> unscrupulous and the church should be regarded as the more reasonable party
> in the affair.

Galileo discovered new knowledge for humanity, Popper and Feyerabend
discovered nothing, zip zero zilch goose egg. And they were both
philosophers and if it really was their point of view that Galileo was
unscrupulous and the church reasonable then these ignorant jackasses are
yet another reason philosophers have a bad name.

And I am STILL waiting for somebody to tell me one thing that bozos like
Popper and Feyerabend who call themselves philosophers have discovered in
the last 2 centuries that is deep, clear, precise, unexpected and true that
scientists had not discovered long before. It seems like a simple request
and I have asked 3 times but nobody can think of a damn thing; and yet
people continue to tell me how wonderful Feyerabend and Popper were. I
think they were like bad movie critics, full of condemnation about how
other people made their movie but couldn't make one themselves if you put a
gun to their head.

  John K Clark

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