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> Feynman was very bad in philosophy. Even in the philosophy of QM, he has
> avoided all questions, and only put in footnote some remarks showing that
> he did not believe in the wave collapse. He added often: don't try to
> understand what happens, Nature just acts like that ...
> That is bad philosophy

Maybe, but he wasn't a professional philosopher, thank goodness. While
others were contemplating their navels and doing nothing but saying the
same thing over and over "quantum mechanics is weird" Feynman was trying to
figure it out.

> > and bad science.

BULLSHIT!  Feynman predicted in 1948 that the magnetic moment of an
electron can't be exactly 1 in Dirac units as had been thought because it
is effected by an infinite (and I do mean infinite and not just
astronomical) number of virtual particles. He brilliantly figured out a way
to calculate this effect and do so in a finite amount of time, he
calculated it must be 1.00115965246, while the best experimental value
found much later is 1.00115965221. That's like measuring the distance
between Los Angeles and New York to the thickness of a human hair, and
Feynman got it right just by using his mind. That's too good to be a
coincidence, Feynman must have been onto something good. Let's see a "good
philosopher" like your pal Feyerabend beat that!

  John K Clark

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