On 20 Sep 2013, at 11:46, chris peck wrote:

Hi Bruno

Im not all that wrapped by Popper's method possibly because I have a background in the soft sciences where I think it is much harder to devise falsifiable statements. Other minds being unobservable and all that...

I like Popper's critiques of other thinkers. His destruction of Hegel in 'Open Society' is brutal and convincing and his analysis of Marx tempered, fair and exhaustive.

Hmm... OK. I agree even on his critics on Plato, but Plato remains correct on the main things, and this he failed to see (for reason I get when reading his philosophy of mind and of matter).

I like that he favours doubt over certainty and argues for that as a socially organising principle. I dont like that he puts science (as he defines it) on a pedestal. Funny that he is known for his take on science. His politics is more important I think.

I read that you didn't like Feyerabend which I found odd given how your system challenges modern dogma so heavily.

Hmm .... I feel myself as being more like conservative. A platonist conservative, even a Pythagorean one, thanks to Church thesis.

I dont think any other method would leap so readily to defend its right to be brought into the scientific fold and I often read you complaining of current dogmas.

I truly complain on *all* dogma. I complain that some scientist have dogma when they pretend they not. I am really only an (applied) logician, and all what I give is a reasoning showing that IF we are digitalizable machine, THEN physicalism is wrong. I have heard about some flaws in the argument, but when I ask them I get silence or non valid argument using assumptions that I do not use. Many scientists, who have never really thought on the mind-body problem, seems to believe that science has decided between Aristotle and Plato, on the nature of reality, but this is pure non sense. We are much more ignorant than what they imagine.

I would have thought him to be a choice thinker for this list generally.

It seems leading to some relativism, and he is not enough Popperian for me.




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