On 9/12/2013 8:08 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
The difference is the following. Some say there is a broken glass, but forbid you to ask "why there is a broken glass?". That is what some materialist, and all physicalist are doing for the notion of "physical universe". They say that we cannot find an explanation of the origin of the physical laws, and insult as irremediably idiot anyone trying to search on that problem.

There seems to be a lot of attributing of opinions to others. My friend Vic Stenger, who's about as reductionist and physicalist as one can be, has written a book, "The Comprehensible Cosmos" about the origin of physical "laws", which he says are just models we create. I don't know of any physicist who insists that we cannot find an explanation for physical laws - although very few of them think the probability of success makes the study a wise choice.


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