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On 9/28/2013 4:28 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

>> But supposing this giant and very loosely organized group is, as a group,
responsible for a bombing because some of it's explosives were used, is a
very big stretch.  It's much simpler and more likely that a rouge element in
one small group, maybe even one man, stole the explosive for use in the
attack.  Just as it is much more plausible that 19 Saudi's, inspired by Bin
Laden, carried out an attack on the World Trade Center by hijacking
airliners after a previous attack by Bin Laden's followers using a truck
bomb on the same building had failed.


Come on man be serious - the explosive material used to blow 85 people to
pieces and shred the lives of 200 more people has been linked to this occult
secret paramilitary force that has deep -- and now -- well-known ties to the
far right fascist fringe in Italy directly implicated in the bombing. But
the evidence does not just stop there - and the fact that the explosive
material used in this mass terror atrocity comes from a secret Operation
Gladio explosive cache is really damning hard physical evidence - in any
court of law -- no matter what you may say to the contrary. 


If you have evidence that it was some non-sanctioned rogue operation and
that the shadowy secret group was mostly unaware and innocent then by all
means make it known.


What I am trying to demonstrate is that the bombing was NOT a rogue act - as
you imply of possibly just one man acting on their own. Instead it was the
end result of a cohesive and premeditated strategy of tension that was
adopted at the very highest levels of operation Gladio, and this strategy
was sanctioned by the CIA (which did not want the "compromesso storico" with
the Italian Communist Party that  Aldo Moro - leader of a powerful wing in
the Christian Democratic Party -- was considering) 


Conveniently, as things "happened" to turn out -- Aldo Moro was quite soon
kidnapped and then later murdered by the brigate rosse, solving that
particular problem. Intriguingly a few short weeks before his kidnap he had
said - in a television interview -- were infiltrated by the Mossad and the
CIA. Aldo Moro's widow has publicly alleged that Henry Kissinger himself
warned Aldo Moro, again shortly before he was kidnapped and then murdered,
that he would be severely punished if he continued to consider the
compromesso storico (though "trustworthy" Kissinger himself denies he ever
said that)


What I am telling you is that this was not just one single act.. Horrible as
the Bologna terrorist act was. It was an entire series of serious acts
orchestrated through penetrated organizations on the right AND on the left.
the P2 (and analogous secretive organizations in Germany, Belgium and
elsewhere in Europe) were pulling the levers in all the dark occult corners.


In fact there are quite a number of other circumstances linking operation
Gladio - and crucially the people now known to have been at the vertices of
this shadowy paramilitary & terror network -- to the strategy of terrorism
and to the attempted military coup de tat in 1972 as well, which came closer
than most people are aware to happening. This was debated internally and the
pre-meditated decision to this path -- known as the strategy of tension -
was taken at the very highest levels. It was based on cold blooded, cold war
driven, political calculus.

Links between Gladio, Italian secret service bosses and the notorious P2
masonic lodge are manifold. The chiefs of all three secret services -
Generals Santovito (SISMI), Grassini (SISDE) and Cellosi (CESSIS) - were
members of the lodge. In the year that Andreotti denied Gladio's existence,
the P2 treasurer, General Siro Rosetti, gave a generous account of "a secret
security structure made up of civilians, parallel to the armed forces".


And from wiki:

And even in 1990, "Testimonies collected by the two men (judges Felice
Casson <>  and Carlo Mastelloni
investigating the 1972 Peteano fascist car bomb) and by the Commission on
Terrorism on Rome, and inquiries by The Guardian
<> , indicate that Gladio was
involved in activities which do not square with Andreotti's account. Links
between Gladio, Italian secret services bosses and the notorious P2 Masonic
lodge are manifold (...) In the year that Andreotti denied Gladio's
existence, the P2 treasurer, General Siro Rosetti, gave a generous account
of 'a secret security structure made up of civilians, parallel to the armed
forces' There are also overlaps between senior Gladio personnel and the
committee of military men, Rosa dei Venti
k=1>  (Wind Rose), which tried to stage a coup in 1970."[5]


When taken all together the preponderance of both circumstantial evidence,
as well as subsequent sworn testimony of multiple powerful individuals
contradicts your suggestion that this was some lonely rogue act. I suggest
you step back from the one single act horrible act in Bologna and look at
all of the numerous various terrorist acts and political assassinations
going on then - and not just in Italy, but in Germany & Belgium as well. 


When taken altogether the evidence suggests this was not some rogue
operation, unknown to the sweet innocent CIA lambs of Langley Virginia (and
the vertices of NATO). The entire strategy of tension seems rather more
likely to have been crafted instead in Langley Virginia (or perhaps, in
off-site meetings on one of the exclusive horse farms that are located near
there, including some that quite conveniently have their own private jet
runways. for unseen coming and going.) 

>>And you conclude from that, that the 9/11 attack was a false-flag
operation?  Does that include the truck bombing attempt against the same
building? You cite all these organizations and events as a pattern
supporting...what?  9/11?  To what end.  The Neo-cons didn't care about Bin
Laden and Pakistan, they wanted to attack Iraq.  So if they had planned a
false flag operation it would not have been with Saudis connected to Bin
Laden.  It would have been with Iraqis connected to Saddam Hussein.




No! When did I say that? 

What I am pointing out is that a clear historical precedent exists for 911.
That, in fact, a very large scale murderous & criminal conspiracy operated
(and who is to say it is not still operating under a new brand) in Europe
over many decades and that the existence of this vast secret paramilitary
organization - a shadowy trans-national NATO linked umbrella organization
with branch offices in each country that infiltrated like a hydra the
vertices of power in many European countries, but especially in Germany and
Italy - that this was almost entirely unknown to the general public and
stayed that way for at least thirty years. Even today how many people are
even aware that such a thing ever existed? It is news to most people I talk
to it about. Very few people actually know about this piece of history - so
the process, using our "managed free press" and controlling information, is
revealing itself to be effective even today.

You had stated that it would be impossible for a conspiracy of the scope of
911 to have been kept a secret from the general public because too many
people would have had to be in the know. Is this a correct summation of your

I am presenting recent historical events that indicate instead that not only
is it possible, but it in fact has happened. Big conspiracies can be kept
secret. The long history of Operation Gladio clearly demonstrates this.

Moreover it is not just about keeping something secret; rather more
important is the task of managing information and spinning information so
that the desired end outcome is produced. 

I don't want to get in a 911 argument, but to say it could never have
happened because something of that scale could never be kept a secret is
shown to be false by the actual historical events that occurred in western
Europe, which instead show that very big secrets can be kept and kept for



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