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On 11 Oct 2013, at 03:25, meekerdb wrote:

So there are infinitely many identical universes preceding a measurement. How are these universes distinct from one another? Do they divide into two infinite subsets on a binary measurement, or do infinitely many come into existence in order that some branch-counting measure produces the right proportion? Do you not see any problems with assigning a measure to infinite countable subsets (are there more even numbers that square numbers?).

And why should we prefer this model to simply saying the Born rule derives from a Bayesian epistemic view of QM as argued by, for example, Chris Fuchs?

If you can explain to me how this makes the parallel "experiences", (then), disappearing, please do.

I don't understand the question. What parallel experiences do you refer to? And you're asking why they disappeared?

When I read Fuchs I thought this: Comp suggest a compromise: yes the "quantum wave" describes only psychological states, but they concern still a *many* dreams/worlds/physical-realities, including the many self-multiplication.

There is no "many" in Fuchs interpretation, there is only the personal subjective probabilities of contemplated futures.

It is still Everett wave as seen from inside.

We just don't know if the dreams defined an unique (multiversal) physical reality. Neither in Everett +GR, nor in comp.

Bayesian epistemic view is no problem, but you have to define what is the knower, the observer, etc. If not, it falls into a cosmic form of solipsism, and it can generate some strong "don't ask" imperative.

You assume that if others are not explained they must be rejected. Physicists, like Fuchs, and unlike philosophers, are generally comfortable with not explaining everything.

"I mistrust all systematizers and avoid them. The will to a system is a lack of 
    --- Fredrick Nietzsche, "Twilight of the Idols"

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