Anybody else concerned about the typhoon now bearing down on Fukushima? If
it slices up the coast and strikes Fukushima will those damaged and weather
exposed reinforced concrete monolithic structures withstand the horizontal
stresses. Am especially concerned about the SFP above reactor #4 (it is
sitting ten floors up in the air) and that building is in bad shape and is
far too radioactive to work around. That is the one they plan on trying to
remove, especially the hot fuel from - a very dangerous act with Zirconium
clad fuel rods and one that speaks volumes about how really desperate the
situation is in that SFP.

There is enough still very hot spent fuel in that SFP to wreak havoc on this
earth if #4  or the other units there should fail in this once in a decade

Hopefully the typhoon misses. In the next hours will see. Happening now on
planet earth, which no matter where our heads are at, is where our feet are

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