Japan is only doing the same as the rest of the world, of course -
pretending there's nothing wrong, carrying on as usual and hoping the world
will sort itself out (which it will, no doubt, but maybe not with the human
race still around). Fukushima just happens to be a particularly ghastly
example of the sort of problems we've created for ourselves.

Meanwhile Barak Obama continues to not fulfil his promises about a green
economy, Putin is such a wimp he can't take a few peaceful protests about
Arctic oil drilling without throwing his toys out the cradle, the Aussies
have just withdrawn from the carbon tax scheme (why they don't use solar
power for everything in that climate is beyond me) and our very own Prime
Minister in New Zealand continues to head towards the most environmentally
destructive policies he can in the name of short term supposed boosts to
the economy, or more likely just making the rich richer...

(And we wonder why SETI hasn't picked up any signs of intelligent life...)

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