So the measurements showing rising global temperatures and the noticeable
effects this is having, and the measured rise in CO2 since the industrial
revolution are irrelevant because the models aren't yet 100% accurate?

So let's sit on our hands and do nothing, just in case we make a better
world on the basis of false premises?

Give me strength.

On 15 November 2013 23:11, Alberto G. Corona <> wrote:

>>  There is a model of the earth nucleus. It is very good. Why?  Because it
>>> behaves like the real nucleus. It invert polarity every 14000 years I
>>> believe, dont want to fire up the wikipedia to get the real digits. That is
>>> why it is a good model.
>> Just like climate models parameter values have been inferred by matching
>> past data.
>> I selected this paragraph alone to show that you, in your obfuscation,
> donĀ“t understand the difference between predicion (or retrodiction) and
> tweking for  predicting (or retrodict) nothing AT ALL.
> That is why I said that it is a waste of time to discuss the apocalypse
> with the apocalipticists.

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