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> >> The WHO is much more trustworthy than the German Green Party, the WHO
>> has no ax to grind but if people don't think a environmental catastrophe is
>> imminent nobody is going to vote for the German Green Party.
> > This response is an unworthy* ad hominem* attack on the German Green
> Party,

I didn't know you could ad hominem (God I hate that pompous phrase for name
calling) a organization, I thought it only worked for people. Let me ask
you this, if the study was conducted by a Russian electrical corporation
that still operated nuclear power plants would you also say it was "ad
hominem" if I didn't expect the report to be unbiased?  I see no reason to
believe the Green Party's report on the subject to be closer to the truth
than the Russian utility. It's just a fact of life that it's in the
interests of utility corporations to downplay the harm caused by nuclear
accidents and in the interests of the Green Party and other environmental
organizations to exaggerate them.

> and the German people who vote for them.

People who vote for the German Green Party are dimwits, and it ain't ad
hominem if it's true.

 John K Clark

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