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        >> People who vote for the German Green Party are dimwits, and it ain't 
        hominem if it's true.

    > And people who term the Fukushima disaster as a "run of the mill 
    accident" -- which you said -- are so far out of touch with reality that 
    they say can be trusted. And it ain't ad hominem if its true.

>>Far worst than ad hominem (a pompous phrase for name calling) is making up quotes about somebody that they never said. Perhaps somebody said Fukushima disaster was a "run of the mill industrial accident" but is sure as hell wasn't me! Fukushima was the second worse nuclear accident of all time. What I did say is that Fukushima killed fewer people than a run of the mill coal power plant over its 30 year lifetime, even if that coal plant never suffered a industrial accident.

And you know this how? It is very hard to prove causality for cancer. How many extra cases of cancer will there be over the next decades and going out in time over one hundred thousand years or more as a result of the mass dispersal of all manner of radionuclides into the biosphere? You do not know how these radionuclides will migrate in the biosphere; nor how many of them will find their way through various bio-uptake channels and become incorporated into living tissue where they will wreak havoc on nearby cells DNA (in fact even weak alpha emitters once incorporated into living tissue are potentially cancer causing, because of the very close proximity of the DNA).

There is a gulf of difference between the low levels of radiation received -- on average -- from the highly diluted but very widely dispersed of nuclear pollutants that the Fukushima disaster has released -- AND continues to release AND still very much has the potential to release huge amounts -- and the continuous, localized irradiation that any living tissue that is near a microscopic spec, or even molecular scale clump of the nastier varietals. A slew of hot short to midterm half-life radionuclides including Cessium-137 (with a 30 year half-life), Strontium-90, Iodine-131 for example have been and continue to be released. U-235 is also showing up in samples.

Exactly, and a lot of those radionuclides are released in coal mining and coal burning. Radon is the primary cause of lung cancer among non-smokers (est. 21,000 per year in the U.S.).


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