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One of the most perverse "tricks" that the system played on us, in my
> opinion, was in convincing people to accept that the state should raise the
> kids. Sure, people spend a couple of hours with them between days spent
> working mostly unnecessary jobs, but the bulk of modern education is
> provided by institutionalised school and TV. I agree with the importance of
> teaching kids math, reading comprehension, etc, but school is just
> terrible. It also teaches us to tolerate absurd levels of boredom, to
> replace thinking with accepting authority and it creates an artificial
> reward system, where one can get addicted to a feeling of accomplishment
> without accomplishing anything. Of course, all these things make us more
> compliant in later on accepting lives without meaning.

The purpose of school is to raise the next generation of wage slaves, so
it's geared to whatever that requires.

> Democracy is almost funny. People believe in this myth that it enforces
> the "will of the people", but if you ask anyone individually you will find
> that you cannot easily find a person whose opinion ever influenced anything
> whatsoever. It's even hard to have an opinion. The better part of their
> days people are slaves, and when tired they are spoon fed badly disguised
> world views sprinkled over mindless entertainment.
> I think I love you. I've been saying this sort of thing for years, but
rarely have I managed to do it so articulately.

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