On 12/25/2013 12:59 PM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
Coordinate time is clock time, proper time is P-time, at least as I interpret it. Note the important, crucial, point that clocks measure only clock time.

?? Clock is proper-time along the worldline of the clock.

P-time can't be measured by clocks but it is measurable by Omega, the curvature of the universe (see below).

So you're taking the FRW spherical, homogeneous cosmology as "the clock" that measures P-time. And then coordinates in which the cosmic microwave background is isotropic are privileged.

However P-time is experienced, and in fact our consciousness of the present moment is the basic experience of our existence.

But we, the Earth, is not this privileged frame. There is a dipole temperature gradient in the observed CMB due to motion of the Earth.


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