A more general approach than Wheeler's is to understand that all 
participants in every event, even down to the particle level, are 
effectively observers of that event.

I generalize Wheeler's statement in my book on Reality to explain how every 
connected network of events essentially functions as a mini-reality 
accessible only to event participants of their networks, and it is only 
through networks connecting through common events that those mini-networks 
become merged into sharable realities in which "events become real because 
they become observable".

It's a very important concept that leads to very important conclusions 
because it shows how GR and QM can be conceptually unified and all Quantum 
paradox resolved. I explained all this in my New Topic post titled 
something like "Yes, my book does address quantum reality" if you want to 
read more.


On Thursday, December 26, 2013 2:16:35 PM UTC-5, Brent wrote:
> On 12/26/2013 1:46 AM, LizR wrote: 
> > Interesting, at a brief skim they appear to be suggesting that phenomena 
> like quantum 
> > erasure involve rewriting the past, or words to that effect.....or have 
> I got that wrong? 
> Yeah, it's sort of like Wheeler's "No event is a real event until it's an 
> observed 
> event."  They're saying the observation *writes*, not rewrites, the past. 
>  But we don't 
> want to leave conscious observation as a mystery; we know that 
> "observation" by any 
> macroscopic recorder is sufficient to fix the events.  I think this can be 
> accommodated in 
> Bruno's theory by looking at it, not as changing or rewriting the past, 
> but as 
> post-selecting the past from the infinite threads of computation. 
> Brent 

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