On 12/25/2013 11:59 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
The problem with all your other comments (which I agree with as I scanned them) is they refer to clock time, not the P-time of the present moment. Of course clock time t values vary in a number of ways, but the key insight is they always vary in the exact same present moment which is proved by the time traveling twins reuniting with different clock time t's but always in the exact same present moment.

But "reuniting in the exact same present moment" is not a global time. It's an EVENT and it has no extent in space or time. If the two persons are moving relative to one another then they have different spacelike hypersurfaces of constant time. Einstein rejected the idea of preferring one person's time over the other. You apparently think that one of them might agree with P-time (however that is defined) while the other did not.


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