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>  There are other viewpoints though.  QM makes for some interesting
> questions about time as raised in this speculative paper by a couple of top
> experimentalists:
> ====================
> http://a-c-elitzur.co.il/uploads/articlesdocs/Elitzur-Dolev13.pdf
> A few discontents in present-day physics' account of time are pointed out,
> and a few novel quantum-mechanical results are described. Based on these,
> an
> outline for a new interpretation of QM is proposed, based on the assumption
> that spacetime itself is subject to incessant evolution.
> ...
> One of us (AE) owes this insight to a student's question about
> SchrÄodinger's cat.
> She argued that, if the box is opened after su±ciently many hours, it
> should be
> possible to know whether the cat has been dead or alive during the
> preceding
> hours. If it has been alive, it would soil the box and leave scratches on
> its walls,
> whereas if it has been dead, it would show signs of decomposition. Here
> too, the
> measurement at the moment of opening the box must select not only the cat's
> state at the moment of opening the box but its entire history within the
> box.
> =====================

Interesting, at a brief skim they appear to be suggesting that phenomena
like quantum erasure involve rewriting the past, or words to that
effect.....or have I got that wrong?

QM has prompted all sorts of uinintuitive ideas, of course, but I do feel
that if one is going to indulge in wild speculation, one should start from
a position of understanding what the orthodox view is, as I believe Bruno
and Max Tegmark do. I think these people you're citing are also doing that,
but from what I have seen so far of Mr Owen's speculations, he hasn't
grasped some of the simpler aspects of SR, and hence his ideas don't appear
to me to stack up (or maybe I haven't grasped some of the implications of
SR, if so I'd be glad to have my mistakes pointed out).

This parallels my views on art and music, poetry and writing, as it happens
-- that one needs to know the rules before one can break them to good
effect -- which may of course be another mistake on my part...

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