You claim my theory of time is Newtonian but that just demonstrates your 
complete lack of understanding of the theory...


On Monday, December 30, 2013 5:02:06 PM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
> On 31 December 2013 10:38, John Mikes < <javascript:>>wrote:
>> Dear Liz,
>> as a former ed-in-chief of a science magazine (Ion Exchange and 
>> Membranes) I know the difficulties one can run into if trying to get 
>> peer-review approval on "NEW" ideas that do not fit into the conventional 
>> scientific fabric of college courses. I was a risk-taker and provided space 
>> for several new ideas that made sens - to me. ('Let the readership decide 
>> and debate').
> There are two things being presented here. One is an idea which is fine in 
> itself - reality is computed. It isn't obviously self-contradictory, and 
> has I think been suggested quite a few times in various flavours (I'm sure 
> Conway must have come up with this, as have Russell Standish, I think, and 
> Bruno of course, plus probably some other people). It's a fairly obvious 
> idea for the age - "it steam-engines when it comes steam engine time" or 
> whatever.
> The other is a Newtonian theory of time. This contradicts special 
> relativity, and hence is an "extraordinary claim". This claim has not yet 
> had any support that shows its author understands what the problems with it 
> are. Hence it not only "doesn't fit into the scientific fabric of college 
> courses", it flatly contradicts everything we've learned about reality 
> since 1905 - all the experimental confirmation of SR, the whole lot. That 
> should require extraordinary evidence before it is worth considering.
>> Sometimes new ideas (versions?) do not fit into the 'reductionistic' 
>> conventional stuff of the Rosenesque MODEL content, limited to the already 
>> known inventory of science etc. While it does not support the 'new' ideas, 
>> it does not prove them wrong by itself, either. 
> There is no contradiction between Edgar's theory and reductionism, it is a 
> reductionist theory. What proves (or comes very close to proving) Edgar's 
> theory of time wrong is that it contradicts most of 20th century physics, 
> both theoretical and experimental. His theory of computational reality 
> isn't itself rendered wrong by the "known inventory of science" of course. 
> (By the way, your use of these buzz phrases does rather suggest that you 
> are pushing an agenda here. Science is far more than you are trying to make 
> out - it isn't all conventional, blinkered fuddy-duddies dismissing 
> crackpot ideas, but has room for plenty of outrageous speculation - as long 
> as it is properly grounded, doesn't flat-out contradict a century of 
> experimentation, etc.)
>> I submitted a paper once with some 'mild' novelty (J. of Consciousness 
>> Sci) and an irate (conservative) reviewer called me a 
>> "homespun fireside philosopher" - an ornamental epitheton I value highly 
>> ever since. 
>> Always easiest to think your opponents have dismissed your ideas because 
> they are "conservative" (or "bourgeois", or "heretics" or whatever 
> epitheton you wish to apply) -- rather than because just maybe they knew 
> more about the subject, and could see where your ideas were wrong.
> PS "epitheton" is itself an "ornamental epitheton", I'd say. I do hope it 
> wasn't just a typo!

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