On 3 January 2014 09:56, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Now let me suggest another conceptual approach which might make the notion
> of Present moment P-time easier to understand.

Ahem, naughty Edgar, the credit for this suggestion should have gone to me
since I've been pointing this out from the start.

> Begin before relativity with the old Newtonian notion of time. There is an
> absolute standard time throughout the universe and an absolute common
> universal present moment. Everything about time is Newtonian to start with.
> Now imagine relativistic time theory comes along and proves that clocks
> weren't measuring that old Newtonian time but something else called
> relativistic clock time instead, BUT that the old Newtonian time still
> exists. It just isn't measured by clock time.
> That old Newtonian time still exists and is what I call Present moment
> P-time. It just isn't being measured by clocks. So long as there were no
> relativistic effects clock time was isomorphic to P-time, but as soon as
> relativistic effects appeared it became clear that clock time was never
> measuring Present moment P-time. Nevertheless Present moment P-time
> actually still exists just as everyone clearly experiences it does. It just
> isn't measured by clock time.
> All relativity did was separate clock time from Present moment P-time and
> prove they weren't the same thing. It didn't make Present moment P-time go
> away, it just showed it wasn't the same as clock time.
> Just think this through. It's quite clear for all the reasons I've put
> forth already, the basic proof being that clock times vary in the same
> Present moment which proves they aren't the same thing.

What actually happened was that Newtonian time effectively set c to
infinity. Relativity merely demonstrated the results of c being finite
(where c is any maximum attainable speed, by the way - it happens to be
lightspeed in a vaccuum).

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