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PS: And don't tell me the twins meeting with different clock times in the same present moment is "an event" as if that explained something.

I use that word in the usual relatavistic (and traditional) sense. As something with defined spatial and temporal coordinates. A known time and place, where and when.


Of course it's an event. Everything that happens in the entire universe is an event. But what is the nature of that event from your perspective?

Jason, didn't answer that so I'll chip in. The nature of the event is that two people who followed different paths between two events in spacetime are at the second event. They synchronized their odometers before they left the first event. One took the freeway, which was straight to their meeting point. The other took some interesting mountain roads and when he arrived at their meeting place his odometer indicated a bigger distance. But Edgar said that's impossible, "How could they both be at the same present place when their odometers don't agree?"


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