On 1/5/2014 12:00 PM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:

No, the present moment is NOT just a "label". It's an empirically verifiable observation (measurement). And not only that both twins agree on that measurement, namely that they have different clock times in the same shared present moment.

There is simply no way around that....


Of course it's an observation. It's an observation that the two twins are together at particular spacetime coordinates. I have no problem with you calling that a present moment (although everyone else calls it an event). The problem is not that you can't define a global time at which they meet, it's that you can't define a *unique* global time. There are infinitely many choices of coordinate time and they will all agree that the twins meet at the same coordinate time - but they will not agree as to which other distant events in the universe are at the same time as the meeting.


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