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>>> I'm arguing that time is symmetric,
>> >> Good luck winning that argument when nearly everything we observe,
>> from cosmology to cooking, screams at us that time is NOT symmetric.
> > Not at the quantum level,

If so then obviously "the quantum level" is not the end of the story.

> > it was actually discovered before Bell died that there's a perfectly
>>> reasonable explanation for how his inequality can be violated that retains
>>> locality and realism.
>> >> Baloney.
> > If that's the best refutation you can come up with, John Bell and Huw
> Price have nothing to fear.

They have nothing to fear from me or the truth. If retro-causality exists
then things are not local and not realistic either, so that possibility has
not been ruled out experimentally. But the common sense view that most
people, including Einstein, had about reality, that things are realistic
and local, CAN be ruled out. And of all the people on the planet John Bell
would be the last to disagree that if his inequality is violated then
things are not local or not realistic or not either.

 John K Clark

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