On 1/11/2014 6:43 AM, Stephen Paul King wrote:
Dear Bruno,

  You wrote:
"AR provides the neutral monism!
Comp is neutral monism. Neither mind, nor matter are taken as primitive. Both emerge from the additive-multiplicative structure of arithmetic (AR), and that structure provides the neutral stuff."

Ontological neutrality is that there are no particular properties or orders.

So there are things with no properties?? Or there are things with vague and ambiguous properties? I've never heard of this "ontological neutrality". Can you cite some references?

AR has a particular set of properties and an order, thus it cannot be considered as neutral. It must includes all possibilities and orderings equally. Numbers have particular properties and orders so how is it that you can think of them as being a neutral monism?

Because "everything is arithmetic" IS neutral monism:

"Neutral monism is a monistic metaphysics. It holds that ultimate reality is all of one kind. To this extent neutral monism is in agreement with idealism and materialism. What distinguishes neutral monism from its better known monistic rivals is the claim that the intrinsic nature of ultimate reality is neither mental nor physical. This negative claim also captures the idea of neutrality: being intrinsically neither mental nor physical in nature ultimate reality is said to be neutral between the two."



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