On 1/16/2014 2:07 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

    No, you are missing the point. It is not that they are similar enough to be 
you, it
    is that they share everything that was necessary for /you /to be present in 
    Your current perspective does not rule out that you are seeing from their 

    Then why don't I always win at poker?

You don't, you only think you don't always win because view of yourself is too 

I should get a good view of myself looking out of everyone else's eyes. But my present perspective doesn't rule out that it's not my present perspective. Hmm, why don't we just change the meaning of ALL the words.

    just as seeing only one branch does not mean the wave function collapsed, 
and nor
    does seeing only one time prove presentism. The simpler hypothesis by far 
is that
    you are born as all of them,

    Simpler, but contradicted by observation.  "God did it." is even simpler.

Thinking universalism is contradicted by observation is the same error in thinking block time is contradicted because I'm only aware of one point in time.

But I'm not aware of just one point in time.  I'm aware of memories and of 

Taking into account indexicals you can overcome many of the illusions our brain plays on us: making us falsely believe our point in time, branch in the many-worlds, or ego is somehow special.

Exactly my point.  If your ego isn't special, then YOU don't exist.

    rather than believing there is some special or privileged person which is 
the only
    person in the whole universe whose entire life /you /will experience.

    Except that is the definition of "you": the life you experience

Right, and that experience isn't limited to the of some singular physical continuation of some biological organism.

But it's limited to what I experience. Remember the common slogan on this list: everything=nothing. I think it applies to experience too.


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