Thank you for posting that link... I really enjoyed reading your blog post! 
It captured well many of the thoughts I have had about the whole shebang. 

And sorry to hear that your hero died... I've never heard of John Galbraith 
Graham before, but learning about him has inspired me to try to do a 
crossword or two... even though I suck pretty bad at difficult ones, and am 
hopeless with the cryptic variety. 


On Thursday, January 16, 2014 12:04:21 AM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
> I hesitate to post a link to this <>, 
> which I wrote when young and foolish back in 2011...
> I have just had the experience we are talking about. I just this minute 
> learned that one of my 
> heroes<>has
>  died.
> Damn.

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