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Since I have been on the list longer then you I ask are you here to enforce 
progressive ideology? If you're pissed off, that's not my fault, that is your 
own. I was just elucidating to Liz on her comments to me. I am aware of 
technology, but it has to work well and the costs, affordable. No hurt 
incurred, but I refuse to hang back and take it. I refute your extinction rate 
of 10000, by being aware that this is a figure whipped up by proggies to gain 
more control over the rest of us. Sometimes the theatre is on fire, but most of 
the time it isn't. The question is knowing when. Alarmism is an excuse to grab 
more power.  Some people like freedom more.


Though you may feel that I am pissed off – or perhaps that is your desire. I am 
more bored than anything if you want to know the truth. Attempting to converse 
with a sloganeer is a wearisome pointless affair. 

I seriously doubt that you are aware of science, engineering, math or 
technology – in any profound way, beyond a casual Popular Science level and the 
ideological slop you get from your Tea Party fellow travelers. You have 
displayed surprising ignorance of basic statistics for example… so forgive me 
if I have serious doubts that your knowledge of science or technology is more 
than ankle deep.

You “refute your extinction rate of 10000”, do you… First off it isn’t mine; I 
did not make it up… maybe that is your way of doing things. I am curious if 
your angry sounding  refutation is based on anything more than your apparently 
abundant supply of hot air? 

Because, if it is, you have done an excellent job of completely hiding it.



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