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> LizR wrote:
>> On 16 April 2015 at 12:53, Bruce Kellett <bhkell...@optusnet.com.au
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>>     LizR wrote:
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>>             Yes but I'm confused, I though you were the one arguing that
>>         Bruno
>>             had discovered something new under the sun, a new sort of
>>         uncertainty         That's hardly what Bruno is claiming. Step 3
>> is only a small
>>         step in a logical argument. It shows that if our normal everyday
>>         consciousness is the result of computation, then it can be
>>         duplicated (in principle - if you have a problem with matter
>>         duplicators, consider an AI programme) and that this leads to
>>         what looks like uncertainty from one person's perspective.
>>     You only get that impression because in Bruno's treatment of the
>>     case -- the two copies are immediately separated by a large distance
>>     and don't further interact. You might come to a different conclusion
>>     if you let the copies sit down together and have a chat.
>> That doesn't make any difference to the argument. "Will I be the copy
>> sitting in the chair on the left?" is less dramatic than "Will I be
>> transported to Moscow or Washington?" and hence, I suspect, might not make
>> the point so clearly. But otherwise the argument goes through either way.
> No, because as I argued elsewhere, the two 'copies' would not agree that
> they were the same person.
>      Separating them geographically was meant to mimic the different
>>     worlds idea from MWI. But I think that is a bit of a cheat.
>> I don't know where Bruno says he's mimicking the MWI (at this stage) ?
>> This is a classical result, assuming classical computation (which according
>> to Max Tegmark is a reasonable assumption for brains).
> In the protracted arguments with John Clark, the point was repeated made
> that he accepted FPI for MWI, so why not for Step 3.

Discussion or fruitful argument assume mutual respect. The respect/civility
in the exchange is one-sided however, and has remained so for years. It's
not an argument; closer to an experiment of John to see how often he can
get away with airing personal issues clothed in sincerity of intellectual

This occupies too much bandwidth and is a turn off from where I'm sitting.
I'd much rather see the comp related discussions go to address say Telmo's
request for clarification in Bruno's use of phi_i, or G/G* distinctions, or
pedagogical demonstrations on "the* work* arithmetic existentially
done*", clarification on Russell's use of "robust", physicalist theories
that don't eliminate consciousness etc.

I enjoy when the list gets funky in such direction, and even though I am
invested in environmental sector professionally, perhaps some of the
climate change stuff is a bit out of topic. This as pure opinion. Nobody
gets two cents from me as I'd be poor if consistent ;-) PGC

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