On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 3:19:51 PM UTC-4, Lawrence Crowell wrote:
> Since this thread is reaching 100 posts where it is hard to keep track of 
> and this topic is low on my interest list I will simply leave the 
> following. Somebody pondered that a UFO/ET site called GaiaPC is just 
> wishful thinking. I responded with:
> It has a component of magical thinking. Christianity has Jesus turning 
> water into wine, and a fairy tale has a fairy godmother turning mice into 
> horses and a pumpkin into a royal coach. Same idea really. Christianity has 
> Jesus returning in the future, and for 19 centuries this has been "soon," 
> and He will sweep all the problems away. This UFO stuff claims these ETs 
> have ultimate technology, magic really, that will transform our world. In 
> both cases the forces of darkness are preventing this great day of 
> revelation. Similar idea, though with alien spacecraft I suppose there is 
> some very tiny probability that aliens or their robotic emissaries could 
> actually travel here. Religion by way of contrast is pure magic. 
> The mythic narratives of our time are shifting away from the monotheist 
> constructs that have held sway for 15-16 centuries or so. This is 
> manifesting itself in a number of forms from superheros to Pokeman-esque 
> ideas to UFO/ET/ancient astronauts quasi-archaeology/astronomy and other 
> ideas. It is almost as if we are adopting a sort of neo-Orphic set of 
> mythic narratives. Traditional religion, in particular Christianity and 
> Islam, are in a sort of crisis as both are scrambling to try to reassert 
> themselves in a world that increasingly dismisses them. The furious rise of 
> the Christian right in the United States, that is supported by a 
> diminishing percentage of the public, and the Islamic jihad tendencies in 
> that part of the world clearly reflect two long lived and successful memes 
> now struggling to stay relevant.
> LC

*Your analysis, indistinguishable from cherry picking, suits your 
preference. That's fine, but let's not confuse it with scientific analysis. 
Incidentally, we don't need alien technology for a benign solution for our 
energy problem. Just put solar generators on roofs throughout the world and 
link them to the electric grid, where electricity producers are mandated by 
law to accept and pay for the excess. AG*

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