On Sunday, December 2, 2018 at 8:13:48 AM UTC-6, agrays...@gmail.com wrote:
> *Obviously, from a one-world perspective, only one history survives for a 
> single trial. But to even grossly approach anything describable as 
> "Darwinian", you have to identify characteristics of histories which 
> contribute positively or negatively wrt surviving but I don't see an 
> inkling of that. IMO, Quantum Darwinism is at best a vacuous restatement of 
> the measurement problemt; that we don't know why we get what we get. AG*

In the *sum over histories* interpretation - of the double-slit experiment, 
for example - each history carries a unit complex number - like a gene - 
and this gene reenforces (positively) or interferes (negatively) with other 
history's genes in the sum.

- pt

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