On 12/4/2018 3:05 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
… where Omnès added “time to be irrational” ...

1. Histories originate at an emitter e and end at screen locations s on a screen S. 2. At each s there is a history bundle histories(s). A weight w(s) is computed from the bundle by summing the unit complex numbers of the histories and taking the modulus. 3. The weight w(s) is sent back in time over a single history h*(s) selected at random (uniformly) from histories(s). 4. At e, the weights w(s) on backchannel of h*(s) are received (in the "present" time)
5. A single history h*(s*) is then selected from the distribution in 4.

"5.”  follows from mechanism as a first person view. No need of Omnès mysterious selection.

The first person view is a view of the result of the sum over the bundle; not of a single history. How would one perceive a history?


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