On 12/3/2018 9:59 AM, Philip Thrift wrote:

    But that is close to the solipsist move. The fact that we cannot
    define truth does not entail that some notion of truth does not
    make sense. In particular, Peano arithmetic can already define an
    infinity of approximation of truth, namely sigma_i and pi_i truth
    (the truth of the sentences will a finite and fixed number of
    quantifier, as opposed to finite sentences with an arbitrary
    finite number of quantifier).

    We can invoke truth, but we can develop meta-discourse relating
    truth to theories, like we cannot invoke our own consciousness
    does not prevent us to try theories about it.
    It is a bit like “I cannot study my own brain”, but I can still
    infer some theories of my brain by looking at the brain of others
    and then assuming that I am not different.

So are do these theories produce true or false propositions?


A different perspective (!) of "truth" comes from - vs. PA (Peano arithmetic) - *PLT* (programming language theory - the legacy to a large extent of John C. Reynolds https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C._Reynolds - who was originally a theoretical physicist ], and sort of in parallel the whole type-theory gang). Rather than an external "god-like" notion of truth, truth is in the programming.

- pt

Can you give an example of "truth in the programming" and how it differs from the mathematical idea of true and the correspondence theory of truth?


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