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> On 25-03-2022 22:13, Brent Meeker wrote:
> > On 3/25/2022 1:06 PM, smitra wrote:
> >>
> >> I explained in the other rely why this is false. The known fundamental
> >> laws of physics are local.
> >
> > I don't know what that means.  Fundmental interactions are local. But
> > that locality is what makes the bit sequences written by Alice and Bob
> > in their notebooks statistically independent and hence violating
> > Bell's inequality which in turn implies some non-local effect.  So the
> > result is non-local by any definition of "local" I'm aware of.
> The violation of Bell's inequalities implies a non-local effect in case
> of deterministic theories,

You will have to explain this in more detail. It is MWI that is the
deterministic theory; ordinary QM is not deterministic. The local hidden
variable account of the QM predictions that people seek is a deterministic
theory, involving local FTL interactions. But Bell's theorem rules out such
local HV theories. So we are left with QM, which is non-local. No local
explanation of the Bell correlations is possible.

it doesn't apply to QM assuming that QM is
> fundamental. See e.g. this comment by Sidney Coleman:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtyNMlXN-sw&t=1958s

Put Coleman's point in your own words and then we can discuss it.


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