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> On 3/23/2022 7:02 PM, Bruce Kellett wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 12:34 PM Brent Meeker <meekerbr...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Why would Alice split again for each copy of Bob.  There's no QM involved.
> There is. That is what MWI predicts: for every splitting of Bob, the whole
> world, including copies of Alice, also splits.
> OK, I see your point.  I think that's one reading of it.  But if MWI is
> local, as Bruno and smitra contend, the non-locality of the wave-function
> can't have the effect of splitting Alice when Bob measures spacelike
> relative to Alice.  As I understood it, they were claiming it's a virtue of
> MWI that this FTL stuff doesn't happen.

No need for FTL.....the splitting takes place when the forward light cones
overlap, whether or not Alice and Bob meet at this time, or later. This
splitting is a central feature of MWI and it cannot simply be ignored
because it gives unpleasant results. Also, this has nothing to do with FTL.
If the effect of Alice's measurement on Bob's particle is an interaction
transmitted faster than the speed of light, then that is again a local
interaction. Non-locality is not FTL, regardless of Bruno's insistence that
it is. FTL means a local interaction transmitted superluminally --
non-local is not an FTL interaction, it is something that is truly non
local -- happening at the same time at remote points without any
intervening particles or fields.

It seems that Everett or MWI does not eliminate the non-locality inherent
in the wave function. If MWI were local, it would be possible to give an
account of the sequence of local interactions whereby Bob's particle knows
the result of Alice's measurement before they meet. No one has been able to
provide such an account, despite a lot of ducking and weaving.


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