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That still treats the SE as indubitally true. No theory in physics
'indubitably true'.

The Everett program is to say that the SE is all that there is --
explains everything. That is clearly false (no Born rule in the
so it might be wise to doubt the universal application of the SE.

There is no good reason to doubt the SE without any experimental
that it breaks down, or any good theoretical reasons why it is
likely to
break down in some regime.

Such faith would be touching if it weren't so naive. There are good
theoretical and experimental reasons to believe that it cannot be the
whole story.

As John Clark has also mentioned, the opposite is true. There are no good arguments for collapse theories. There are no experimental hints for real collapse

That's complete and audacious question begging.  What you mean by
"real" is "modeled within the SE".  There is NOTHING BUT collapse
experimentally; every result recorded in every notebook and every tape
is evidence of a collapse.

There is effective collapse in experiments we do, but the experiments nevertheless demonstrate that the fundamental processes proceed under unitary time evolution.



and if we argue based on theory, then we see that it leads to many problems. Believing  in collapse is like believing in the ether after special relativity was already formulated and experimentally confirmed.


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