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*> America executes prisoners for capital murder. So, legally, if a
> murderer died 50 years ago for a capital crime, does that mean, once,
> revived, *

To my knowledge no executed prisoner has ever been cryogenically preserved,
however Joseph Paul Jernigan was executed by lethal injection in 1981 and
he became part of the "Visible Human Project". His body was sliced into
1871 1 millimeter thick slices. and each slice was then photographed with a
very high resolution camera. I've wondered if there was enough information
preserved in those photographs to upload him, probably not but maybe. You
can watch a one minute video of a journey through Mr. Jernigan's body here.

The visible human project - Male (HD)

A few years later they took even higher resolution photographs of a woman
who died of a heart attack and they used even thinner slices, only 0.33
millimeters thick

Visual Human Project Female <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3atjsVqFlhs>

*> they are no longer liable because of Double Jeopardy and that their
> victims will also be revived? A Civil Case then??*

As I've said, I'm not a lawyer.
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> Forget the Ukraine war, forget climate change, forget Donald Trump, I now
> think GPT-4 is by far the most world shaking event and the most
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> decades, but now it looks like we're on its doorstep. You've got to look at
> this video!
> 4 Tests Reveal Bing (GPT 4) ≈ 114 IQ (last test is nuts)
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvDJnf0GXs&list=PLYXp_rV1HrBAOZqPJTOSo91275hKQrfpl&index=13>

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