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> *There is yet another level, phenomenal consciousness, which has no
> behavioural manifestations whatsoever, allowing for the theoretical
> possibility of philosophical zombies.*

Then it would be impossible, even in theory, to ever prove or disprove the
> existence of philosophical zombies, therefore the concept is not
> scientific. But if you insiste on taking the idea seriously anyway then
> logically you'd also have to take seriously the idea that you are the only
> conscious being in the universe. I don't think anybody wants to do that
> except for philosophy professors, and even then only when they're teaching
> first year philosophy students and want to show them that philosophy can be
> provocative.

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>>> "You say "If we’re lucky, consciousness is a basic feature of
>>> information processing and anything smart enough to outcompete us will be
>>> at least as conscious as we are" and I agree with you about that because
>>> there is evidence that it is true. I know for a fact that random mutation
>>> and natural selection managed to produce consciousness at least once (me)
>>> and probably many billions of times, but Evolution can't directly detect
>>> consciousness any better than I can, except in myself, and it can't select
>>> for something it can't see, but evolution can detect intelligent behavior.
>>> I could not function if I really believed that solipsism was true,
>>> therefore I must take it as an axiom, as a brute fact, that consciousness
>>> is the way data feels when it is being processed intelligently.

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