Milan Crha wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 19:50 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
>> The standard way to nest Maildir folders is such:
>> Maildir/
>>    cur/
>>    new/
>>    tmp/
>>    .GNOME/
>>       cur/
>>       new/
>>       tmp/
>>    .GNOME.Evolution/
> maybe, but Evolution doesn't use this model, it is creating subfolders
> directly, like:
> Maildir/
>    cur
>    new
>    tmp
>    folder1
>       cur
>       new
>       tmp
>       folder2
> Which makes:
>    Inbox
>    folder1
>       folder2

Ugh. I'm pretty sure the standard way of doing it is the way I noted above.

> How do you create a folder on the same level as Inbox with your model?

I'm sure this has been solved before, but even if it hasn't, some IMAP
servers have the same "limitation".

Keep in mind that the view doesn't have to be a 1-to-1 mapping of the model.

> As far as I understand it the leading dot means it's an Inbox subfolder,
> not only a folder itself. We want it for Send/Draft/Outbox folders at
> least. I thought to workaround it by starting maildir hierarchy for
> local folder not at '.', but at './Our-Inbox'. Kinda nasty, I know.

I wouldn't suggest that. One option is to just special-case Outbox,
Sent, and Drafts. Even though they would be ~/Maildir/.Outbox/, for
example, you could treat it as though it were on the same level as
~/Maildir (aka Inbox).

> If there will be any change in the folder layout for maildir, we should
> keep some option for backward compatibility, but that's obvious.



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