On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 01:16 +0530, Chenthill wrote:

> Approach #1,
> migrating local storage from mbox to maildir format. With maildir I
> have
> heard about two issues,
> * Not able to create subfolders under INBOX -
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=536240 .
I hadn't noticed the above, so I guess it's a non-issue for me

What is the second issue?
> Approach #2,
> Migrate from a single mbox file per folder to mbox per email. Srini
> mentioned an advantage that this would avoid the file renames that
> maildir does. I think this is much like how other remote providers in
> evo store the email.
You still have a filename per email right?
What naming convention would be used?
> I thought of bring this in this list to gather more opinions to choose
> the right one. The approach #2 seems a better one as we are choosing a
> way for storing the messages internally in evo. Are we missing to see
> anything while we choose the second one ? 
> One advantage which I see with #1 is that its a standard way.
Would Evo provide a mechanism to migrate/convert a mailbox/folder with
this format to a mailbox/folder with a standard format?

I.E. Currently, dragging a folder in one format to an account in a
different format performs the proper migration to the new account's
folder format.

Or would it be up to the user to do something like

for file in `ls *mbox`
   movemail $file maildir:///tmp/maildr

if they wanted to migrate to standard format?
> Thanks, Chenthill.

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