On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 17:34 +0530, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:
> Btw, just don't remember well, but Milan did a research of the same,
> moving from mbox to maildir. Milan do you remember the points to
> consider? It will be helpful

I'm sorry, I forgot those, it's quite long time ago. Some of them were
mentioned in this thread, like:
 - cannot use ':' in a file name for Windows
 - cannot create a subfolder of an Inbox
 - cannot use folder names 'new'/'cur'/'tmp' as those are maildir's
 - should choose folder hierarchy model (there is some already, but it
   has some issue, but I'm not sure what it is)
 - recently also some slowness for refresh of large folders (should be
   partially fixed, but not fully, if I recall correctly)
I've a feeling there were more, but I forgot them. :(

As others in this thread I would also prefer to use maildir instead of
creating new provider for this. The maildir would be fixed and changed
slightly to satisfy evo needs for those above issues, but otherwise
there's no difference for mbox-per-file, as maildir does pretty the same
thing (message-per-file).

My two cents.

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