Am Samstag, den 15.10.2016, 16:29 +0200 schrieb Steffen Winkler:
> Hi,
> I'm on Arch Linux using Evolution 3.22.2. When I upgraded to
> Evolution
> 3.22.1 I also installed evolution-bogofilter and evolution-
> spamassassin.
> After starting Evolution however, I can't choose between either of
> them
> . The only thing that changed was that I got a checkbox in the 'Spam'
> tab that let's you decide if text should be sent in Unicode to
> bogofilter. Regardless of the state of that checkbox spamfiltering
> doesn't work.
> I also don't see them in Evolution's 'Plug-in' view, which it should
> do
> according to various websites, one of the more prominent being
> https://
> I also can't get any kind of errorlog or protocol out of evolution
> (which is very frustrating). Neither CAMEL_DEBUG=spam nor journalctl
> show any indication of something going wrong. Or anything going on
> for
> that matter.
> I checked with lsof and the file is being used by
> Evolution.
> I don't quite know what to do now. There is not much in terms of
> documentation when it comes to bogofilter or spamassassin interacting
> with evolution on any site. ArchLinux's wiki refers to Gnome's
> documentation which in turn just sends one to bogofilter's or
> spamassassin's documentation which both don't have any kind of
> information of Evolution working with them. In fact, bogofilter has a
> list of E-Mail clients on it's site, Evolution isn't among them?!
> I also tried creating a new user on my system and started Evolution
> there, but it just showed the same checkbox and no way to choose
> between spamfilters.
> Does someone here know how to get more information out of Evolution
> or
> even fix this?
> With kind regards
> Steffen Winkler
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Have to update this due to informations from another thread: I'm not
using Evolution 3.22.2 but Evolution 3.22.1 + a couple updates to the
Friulian translation from four days ago.
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