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> Raunchy, your comment "keep my family out of this" wherein you address me as 
> if I'm a serial killer was way out of line IMO.  And the sad thing is, you 
> know it too.  You just don't have the guts to admit it.  As if your shallow 
> and cleverly negative comments about John Newton weren't bad enough.  
> I know that I need healing.  I have said that over and over.  And I follow 
> through.      
> Look at the very last sentence of this post of yours, Raunchy which is based 
> on a theoretical non event with someone you haven't even deigned to meet in 
> person, tho you could have easily 3 times this year.  See how desperate you 
> are to twist and hide the fact that what I'm saying in the first paragraph 
> above is true.  That you made a mistake.  
> Basically you want to make John Newton wrong because you want to make me 
> wrong.  So you and wts can be right.  Thank you for once again proving my 
> point.  

Excellent, Share. Thank you. I like this very much. You are much better than 
mince pie. 
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> >
> > Emily I think the main cult characteristics are thinking the cult and its 
> > leader are almost all positive.  AND what I've come to think is an even 
> > more telling indicator of cultishness,  thinking that those who don't 
> > agree with the cult and its leader are almost all negative.  So when the 
> > writing of a FFL person expresses such extremely polarized thinking, then I 
> > think that person is fundamentally aligned with the group I've been calling 
> > wts.  
> > 
> A telling indicator of cluelessness is when a whole lot of people agree with 
> each other about your behavior, you think there's something wrong with them 
> and not yourself. Then, rather than consider it a gift from the universe that 
> an entire group of people have given you exactly the same feedback, you 
> dismiss them as a "cult" (an utterly laughable rationalization) and then run 
> off to "healers" to validate your cluelessness. Healing in right in front of 
> your face. Refusing to see it is what needs healing. 
> > 
> > For example, Judy has labeled me the most toxic person AND labeled Robin's 
> > WTS intentions the absolute highest and purest.  I think these phrases 
> > indicate extremely polarized thinking as expressed by the use of verbal 
> > superlatives.  
> > 
> > 
> > The problem with such extremely polarized thinking IMO is that it totally 
> > misses an essential truth about us human beings, which is that we are all a 
> > mix of positive and negative and that most of us are mostly positive with a 
> > a glitch or two thrown in to keep us embodied and growing.  And some of us 
> > have more and or bigger glitches.
> > 
> > Another essential truth is that we humans are going to make mistakes 
> > whether our glitches are big or little, few or many.  In regards to this I 
> > have also noticed that a big feature of extremely polarized
> >  thinking is that it does not allow for making mistakes, learning from them 
> > and forgiveness.  This too I think is very harmful.
> > 
> > As far as I'm
> >  concerned it's up to you to decide if you're a member of wts.  I'm only 
> > weighing in on this because you and others are STILL bringing it up!  BTW 
> > this is another indicator of cultishness IMO because it too has an element 
> > of being extreme in its expression.  Also BTW I keep saying IMO to 
> > indicate that I realize what I'm saying is only my opinion based on my 
> > observations.  Nothing more.
> > 
> > 
> > Of all the wts people I think you're pretty fluid in your thinking.  But 
> > you still are sometimes extreme in the negative direction towards me and 
> > towards other non wts people like Barry.  Often I think your negativity is 
> > expressed cleverly and pseudo playfully.  Nonetheless the extreme 
> > negativity underneath is discernible.  And as I say above, this extremely 
> > polarized thinking in the negative direction has become for me the clearest 
> > indication of someone's being in the group I call wts. 
> > 
> > 
> > PS  A very recent example of your extremely negative thinking about me:  
> > I made no judgement about Raunchy's grand daughter.  I was expressing an 
> > opinion about the BENEFICIAL effect I thought John Newton's work would have 
> > on Raunchy and the people in her life.  IMO both you and Raunchy reached a 
> > new low with those posts.  
> >
> Who me, new lows? What about Gopi Boy? "Ravi called Newton "fucking 
> delusional," but he didn't get a gauntlet (or even a guantlet) thrown at him 
> either." 
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/328870
> BTW if John Newton, himself hadn't thought the "fainting goat" riff was 
> humorous, I'd wonder even more than I do about his bona fides.

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