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> I feel really grateful for TM and all my time in it, and I was lucky enough 
> to manage grad school and a career a bit later.  But I still get why some 
> might feel that taking a large chunk of time out of the mainstream might have 
> left a mark - that they never caught up.  Especially if they are disappointed 
> about the results of TM itself. Then they lost on both counts.

Good story. 
Regarding those disaappointed souls, in my experience with being in these 
settings for 40 years, they have all one thing in common; they never liked 
sadhana in the first place. Too restless to really LIKE or even be able to sit. 

And now hey are bitter ? For what, because their restless nature has been cruel 
to them ? In my experiene, the vast majority of these are simply spiritually 

Then ofcourse they need someone ELSE to blame.

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